How to Obtain Naloxone From Your Local Pharmacy

1. Massachusetts has an "open prescription" policy meaning that, while it is still a prescribed drug, anyone can request it at a pharmacy without a prescription from their own provider.

2. Consider the following approach at a pharmacy:

     A. "Hello, I would like to obtain naloxone." 

     B.  If asked why, say something that applies to you such as: "I think everyone should carry it." or "My friend/family member uses opioids and I want to help keep them safe."

     C. After receiving naloxone, ask for instruction on how to use it. Take any relevant educational materials that are offered. 

     D. If you feel self-conscious, you can hand the pharmacist the "We Are Allies" Opioid Response Instruction card that is distributed to "We Are Allies" members. 

3. Empower yourself by knowing the laws pertaining to naloxone administration in your state/local. Here is one resource: