Option 1: Ally Member

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Ally Member

As an "Ally Member" you become a full member of We Are Allies and will be actively contributing to the mission of Fighting Stigma and Saving Lives in the opioid epidemic. You will receive an Opioid Response Case - a visible, purple case with space for different forms of naloxone that contains an instructional card with advocacy information. You will be invited to in-person events, will receive updates on progress and activities of We Are Allies, and will be invited to contribute your feedback and experiences at intervals as indicators of our progress. You will receive acknowledgement of your status and a receipt via email. $20 contribution* (Note: Case does not contain naloxone. You are encouraged to obtain it through different mechanisms available in your home state or province.)

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Option 2: Ally Supporter


As an "Ally Supporter", though you may or may not not wish to carry an Opioid Response Case yourself, your monetary donation will be helping increase naloxone access, stigma reduction, and our advocacy to help curb the Opioid epidemic. You will receive updates via our Website, Facebook and Twitter and be sent an acknowledgement e-certificate of your status as a Ally Supporter and a receipt for tax purposes via email. 

$10 contribution and above* 

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Option 3: Ally Advocate


As an "Ally Advocate", you will be signing up without cost to demonstrate your backing of our mission to increase naloxone access, stigma reduction, and our advocacy to help curb the opioid epidemic. You will receive invitations to in person events. We encourage you to join as a Member at any time, recruit your friends, and follow us on social media.


*We Are Allies Inc is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization. As such, your gift may be tax deductible, based on your particular tax situation.